A message from the

founder | Executive director

 As an educator and healthcare professional, I have always seen people for who they could become, opposed to who they currently are. Hoping that each individual could reach their full potential, striving for excellence.


Through my years of experience in the public sector, I have witnessed individuals at their worst. Not having daily necessities, unable to provide food for their families, and struggling to survive.  I, too, have lived through the horrid trenches of those obstacles, but overcame these barriers.

2007-2012, being a single mother of two, unemployed, unemployment benefits over the financial criteria for a household of three to receive governmental supportive services, exhausted financial resources, lacking the funds needed to provide for my family, house threatening foreclosure, car threatening repossession, life happens right? 

Through those personal experiences birth the hope needed to provoke change. Having two small individuals that looked up to me, that needed my support and guidance, something needed to happen.

In 2015-2018, I worked so aggressively that my annual income was six figures. In November 2018, I made a conscience decision to transition from thinking about my personal success to servicing the community full-heartily.

Being financially sustained is everyone's dream, however, something was missing. Through meditation and counsel, I received the call to action, which was LOVE God's people at where they are in life! 

What started with just a food drive on April 8, 2018, turned into something empowering, servicing the community only twice per month and partnering with organizations such as: Love for Children, Women of Love, Dot Foods, Julian D. King Gift Foundation, Midwest Food Bank, Greater Chicago Food Depository and a host of others led to impacting 1,175 households with our services in 2018. 

Our objective is to drive out the mission of Touch Gift Foundation (TGF), develop leaders, empower individuals, and to meet the immediate needs of  individuals, families, the community. Partnering with organizations, creating alliances to change the narrative of our communities by building and equipping individuals to IMPACT others!

TGF is passionately committed to impacting lives through hunger and homelessness relief assistance, education, mentoring and advocacy. 

I am asking that you partner with us to make a difference in our communities.

The community is hurting and through small gestures,

we can build our communities with one family at a time. 


This movement will touch so many lives.

Don't miss your opportunity to assist.


Your time is now, let us join forces! 

A community united can IMPACT many, we CAN NOT do this work alone!

Keona Owens, Founder & Executive Director

Award Recipient of 

MetroBoard of Chicago Urban League - 2019 Community Service 

National Council of Negro Women (Chicago Sector) - 2019 Community Service

Depaul University International Golden Key - 2019 Honorary Member of Honour Society

Depaul University International Golden Key - 2019 Humanitarian Award

Chicago Job Council - Workforce Wednesday Spotlight Member (March 2019)