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Founder's Message

As an educator and healthcare professional, my perspective has always

been focused on people's potential rather than their current state.

I have consistently hoped for each individual to reach their fullest potential and

strive for excellence.

Throughout my years of experience in the public sector,

I have witnessed individuals facing their most challenging circumstances.

Many lacked basic necessities, struggled to provide for

their families, and fought to survive.

I, too, have personally experienced the hardships

and obstacles that arise from such situations,

but I managed to overcome those barriers.

From 2007 to 2012, I was a single mother of two, unemployed, and

did not meet the financial criteria to receive government assistance for

a household of three. My financial resources were depleted,

making it difficult to provide stability for my family. Our house was threatened

with foreclosure, and our car faced repossession.

Life happened, presenting me with significant challenges.

However, these personal experiences ignited a spark of hope within me, compelling me to work towards change. With two young individuals looking up to me and relying on my support and guidance, I knew something needed to happen.

Between 2015 and 2018, I dedicated myself wholeheartedly to my work,

and my annual income reached six figures. But in November 2018,

I made a conscious decision to shift my focus from personal

success to serving the community.

While financial stability is a dream for everyone,

I felt that something was missing. Through meditation

and seeking guidance, I received a call to action—to love and support

God's people wherever they are in life.

What began as a simple food drive on April 8, 2018, transformed into an empowering initiative that served the community twice a month. We partnered with organizations such as Love for Children, Women of Love, Dot Foods, Julian D. King Gift Foundation, Midwest Food Bank, Greater Chicago Food Depository, and numerous others. In 2018 alone, our efforts impacted 1,175 households through our services.


Our impact extends beyond the confines of homes and communities through collaborative efforts.

Award Recipient 

+ Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, 2022

+ YP Central Outstanding Member of the Year, National Urban League, 2022

+ Outstanding Contributor, Cottage Grove Heights Community Coalition, 2021

+ Young & Ambition Community Service Award, MetroBoard, 2019

+ Community Service Award, National Council of Negro Women Chicago, 2019

+ Honorary Member of Honour Society Humanitarian Award, DePaul University International Golden Key, 2019

+ Humanitarian Award, DePaul University International Golden Key, 2019

+ ​​Workforce Wednesday Spotlight Member, Chicago Job Council, 2019

+ Recognized as the Connector by McCormick Foundation, 2019

The Why Factor 

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