Impacting & Building the community

one family at a time

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About Touch Gift Foundation

Touch Gift Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community service provider offering hunger and homelessness relief assistance, health and wellness, financial literacy, professional development, mentoring and advocacy.  

We conduct weekly workshops to help build communities, edify people, and to encourage personal development, growth, then sustainability.

We do this in partnership with private sponsors, communities, and community leaders in response to the need of individuals.

Touch Gift Foundation was established in March 23, 2018 by Keona Owens.

For her story, click here

In 2018, Touch Gift Foundation served 1,175 households.

In 2019, Touch Gift Foundation served 2,454 households. 

During COVID-19, April 2020, Touch Gift Foundation served 29 organizations, reaching 1,037 families with 709 cases of food and essential goods. 



























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Our Vision

To create a resourceful alliance that governs a community,

empowering people,


changed behavior,

from poverty to independence,

personal and professional development, growth,

and sustainability. 

Our mission

To destroy the cycle of poverty by eradicating the poverty mindset.

To empower people to want to change, by supplying

them with the resources

they need to make this change happen. 

Core values


L - Leadership

I - Independence

V - Visibility

E - Empowerment

S - Security | Sustainability